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website - https://loophero.com/

steam page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1282730/Loop_Hero/

We present to you the alpha demo version of our new game.

It is a re-balanced and updated version of our last Ludum Dare project, and we will continue working on it further on.
Hopefully, with your comments and critique we can make it into something truly interesting and unique!

Differences from Ludum Dare verstion:

  • special resources with which you can build your camp outside of an expedition
  • reworked balance
  • new buildings and lands
  • new types of enemies
  • added an intro and an ending
  • added hints and descriptions
  • new music and sounds


  • last demo bugfix!

    • kill a few bugs
    • new mouse cursor
    • added new music track in expedition
  • 01.03.2020
    • small bugfix
    • mountain-rocks ballance changes
  • 12.31.2019
    • Happy New Year!
    • Little statistics bugfixes
    • Little update in dialogues
  • 12.29.2019
    • Mobile interface added !!
    • Dialogue system
    • Full statistics (delete savegame for real data)
    • new music and sounds
    • new ballance and bugfixes
  • 12.22.2019
    • several changes in the appearance of weapons
    • new enemy - dark slime (So rare that even developers don’t know how to summon him. Can you tell us?)
    • several bugfixes
  • 12.20.2019
    • bugfixes
    • linux version added
    • little balance changes
  • 12.17.2019
    • tons of bugfixes
    • remade system of loot generation
    • balance changes
    • added description for the resources
  • 12.15.2019
    • Fixed quite a few bugs
    • added the support of armv7 for android
    • reworked the retreat system:
      • changed the percentage of loss of resources during escape and death
      • now you can not retreat when fighting enemies
      • you can run away with all of your acquired resources if you retreat near the camp tile

Have a good game!

We would like to hear your opinions and comments in the comments or under this tweet:


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
AuthorFour Quarters team
GenreRole Playing
Tagschiptune, Fantasy, fourquarters, Pixel Art, random, Roguelike


LooPatHerO demo (Android version) 25 MB
LooPatHerO demo (Windows version) 16 MB
LooPatHerO demo (Linux version) 16 MB