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that ending is badass tho, glad i got to it.

Gr8 game tho

The boss JUST FLEW PAST ME!!!!

I didn't want to battle it though, but still.

great game wish the planets worked though


Great game!


loved the game, like a super simple version of FTL, but focus on scrap, think u could easily turn this into a full game, maybe even go for a steam release!

Really nice game, a bit slow at start and you have to be lucky to finally spot the boss, but enjoyable overall. Good job!

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Well thought-out game concept! Do you plan to update the online version of the game here with the remastered version?
I just made a gameplay video:

Online is remastered version already)

Thanx for video!

Oh, you're right. I thought I couldn't disassemble in the web version, but I guess I didn't do it correctly. Never mind! :)