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Killed every single ship. Boss was like paper to a lighter.

Really good game, I hope you expand it. I think I really overprepared for the bossfight, I had a lot of armor and like 12 guns.

Really cool idea and it would be cool to see it expanded upon, with more to explore, more to find, both in terms of more kinds of scrap and parts to find and a wider variety of enemy types 

could you add planets?

good gam but need a sabe system

Cool game!

that ending is badass tho, glad i got to it.

Gr8 game tho

The boss JUST FLEW PAST ME!!!!

I didn't want to battle it though, but still.

great game wish the planets worked though


Great game!


loved the game, like a super simple version of FTL, but focus on scrap, think u could easily turn this into a full game, maybe even go for a steam release!

Really nice game, a bit slow at start and you have to be lucky to finally spot the boss, but enjoyable overall. Good job!

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Well thought-out game concept! Do you plan to update the online version of the game here with the remastered version?
I just made a gameplay video:

Online is remastered version already)

Thanx for video!

Oh, you're right. I thought I couldn't disassemble in the web version, but I guess I didn't do it correctly. Never mind! :)