Player can choose only 2 pirate members at the same time. 
Every pirate have own unique role for various situations, keep your eye on amount of food and ship health. 

- select require pirate by number 1-8 on keyboard 
- or click left-mouse-button on an icon 
- resart game after gameover with a mouse click 

1) navigator 
2) fisherman 
3) cook 
4) gunner 
5) carpenter 
6) soldier 
7) boatswain
8) lookout
(also you can click the cat and the parrot)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorFour Quarters team
Made withGameMaker
Tags8-Bit, four-quarters, Ludum Dare, Pirates, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare


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thers only 2 guys in ship, the guy switch his suit and do other things

please let me pause dawg


It's a pretty great strategy game with awesome visuals! I think there's a bug tho. sometimes when I switch pirates some of the tabs get stuck so I couldn't click them. they fix themselves in a few seconds but you know it may be too late


also this happened

Знаэш в цю гру можна спок ійно запустити на планшеті тоді вона спокійно працює, але на телефоні нажаль панель "інструментів" "піратів"ообрізається й в гру не можливо грати :(

i was so close :(


This game sucks and is in-fucking-possible, a fish person, enemy ship, and a rock in a storm? like wtf am i supposed to do? i have no fish due to previous encounters and only two people on deck at a time? wtf?

Ran into a game-breaking glitch where if your soldier is in the middle of doing his third killing-strike against a fishman at the same moment that a new fishman lands on your ship, not only does that third-hit not kill the first fishman, but that first fishman gets full-health.  I ran into a hilarious loop where a new fishman would board during my kill-strike 3 times in a row so I had a ship full of 3 unkillable fishmen and even a fourth one tried to board with the same timing but there was no space left.

Was also able to have 3 pirates on my deck at one time, though I don't remember how I did it as I was panic clicking.  I think I might have clicked between 6 and 7 with the mouse rapidly and it sent them both out one after another even though I had captain out already also.  I thought having 3 out was going to make for an easy game but once I sent one of them away, I still had to send a second one away before it would let me bring out someone new.

Also, there's a music glitch where if you die during a storm and restart, the game still plays the storm sound effects non-stop and you have to refresh to get rid of it. 

this game can straight up decide you die, 10/10

Beautiful game, simply but engaging gameplay cute and beautiful pixel ar!

Please we need an android version of this one too please :)

Geat game!

(1 edit)

When I saw that entry for the Ludum Dare 37 the first time, I didn't really expect you to make such an amazing resource management game. I mean, I already knew that you can make up great puzzles and wonderfully weird stories, but a game with such a highly strategical focus? Nope, didn't expect that at all. So it was a big and stunning surprise for me and I loved how it played out! It's a difficult, but beatable game with great pixel art as well. Thank you very much for that, I was happy to see that it got the 5th place overall! Gladly I wrote a praising article about it as well as I uploaded a little gameplay video. <3 I hope that you might join the next Ludum Dare as well, fingers crossed! :)

Best wishes,

Also beat it,  great work, wish this got more recognition. I'll send it to the editors over at Rock Paper Shotgun, hopefully they will pay more attention.

love it! Really good concept.

(5 edits) (+3)

Really fun game concept (it's VERY difficult), and great music and art too! More explanations could really help; I didn't know that you can only max out 20 meals. "Why is my cook not cooking?!" Haha.

Another bug: I  clicked on "3," and then also quickly pressed 3 on the keyboard (because I thought the cook didn't jump out), and then I saw TWO cooks jump out! Only one remained to continue cooking, though. That was weird!

Lastly, it would be great if the carpenter could stop working once the ship's health is at 20, if you plan to release another update! :)

I just uploaded a YouTube video of myself beating it: