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Also beat it,  great work, wish this got more recognition. I'll send it to the editors over at Rock Paper Shotgun, hopefully they will pay more attention.

love it! Really good concept.

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Really fun game concept (it's VERY difficult), and great music and art too! More explanations could really help; I didn't know that you can only max out 20 meals. "Why is my cook not cooking?!" Haha.

Another bug: I  clicked on "3," and then also quickly pressed 3 on the keyboard (because I thought the cook didn't jump out), and then I saw TWO cooks jump out! Only one remained to continue cooking, though. That was weird!

Lastly, it would be great if the carpenter could stop working once the ship's health is at 20, if you plan to release another update! :)

I just uploaded a YouTube video of myself beating it: