A game about dismantling ancient technology. 

WASD - move 
E - interact 
arrows - puzzle controls 

Game has 3 various endings. 

All code, art, animation, music and sounds were made during Ludum Dare #36 

Four Quarters team.


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Aquadrata_FQ_LD36.exe 8 MB


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Great storytelling in such a short game, I love it. Great Soundtrack as well.

this game was very deep... no pun intended. it had a great feel to it and really ment somthing. im not quite sure what but it got me playing it... i really want to know the story behind it. GREAT JOB.

That was an excellent puzzle game! I remember that, when I played it the first time, I got stuck for roundabout 20 minutes, just wondering what I could do next. But that didn't frustrate me at all, because on the one side I was able to hear the wonderfully written soundtrack a bit more, and on the other side it was just intriguing for me to figure out the hidden mechanics. The first several times I played "Aquadrata", I always just encountered the dark ending, but oh boy... I've been blown away when I found the way to the light ending! Thank you so much for that. That game was one of my favorite 2016 jam entries, that's why I didn't just write a little article about it and upload a gameplay video, but also I included it in our GOTY 2016 list. It's really something special. I'm hoping to see more of you in the next Ludum Dare, dear four quarters. <3

Best wishes,