This game about gardening, old slow computers and radioactive caterpillars. 

All music, art and code was made during Ludum, specifically for the game. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFour Quarters team
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags8-Bit, chiptune, four-quarters, Gardening, Ludum Dare
LinksLudum Dare


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Both an aesthetically and functionally gorgeous game. It's challenging, but it's not too punishing. The music that plays when you finally grow your flower just really adds to that feeling of accomplishment.

WHAT R THE SOLOUTIONS TO EVERY TYPE OF PROBLEM nd what to do when  nothing ocurrs

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clouds: ultraviolet light

Rain: drain water

Sandstorm/storm winds; defense shields

Radioactive winds: defense shields

nothing: bug spray/adjust stats (pick option to fill in any lacking areas)

Acid rain: defense shields 

Mech weeds: bug/weed spray

Edit, I finished the game. It's really hard, but try again and again and eventually, a round will have the correct response. It also takes logic and luck in weather.



lol, imagine not beating the game first try, couldn't be me!

i hit both 0 health and full growth on the same day.  now the computer is crying but the flower has bloomed and the grass is growing.


How to play it? ::::D


I think i encountered a glitch where the computer only gives the disatisfied face


I think the downloadable version is bugged in some kind cause I played like 10 times without winning then I tried the browser version and I won in the first go ;_; I liked it a lot tho

after 10 times i did it  c':

This has a certain atmosphere that's great. Really liked playing!



lovely music and a cool concept! as others said, surprisingly difficult but not so hard as to make it unenjoyable. the text can be a lil hard to read tho :v

also are there multiple endings?

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It happened occasionally.

Looks like mech weeds create this bug.

I think that computer might have been Gilligan in another life!

Surprisingly hard! I love the style of the visuals. Very dieselpunk.

how do your start playing?I cant seam to be able to do anything;[


Up / Down arrows

Ok it works now,Thanks


Amazing :3 I finished after a few try , if you struggle watch what will happened tomorow


I really enjoyed this game. The music and the sound effects are really nice. it is just perfect. I would love to play more games like this one

this game made me feel a happy sort of melancholy... and the smiling computer gave me a sense of comfort. A lovely little gem.

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It's sometimes hard to see that text making the player sometimes guess but It's a cute game, challenging too

Edit: I did it :) The games soundtrack is so wonderful, and yes I was right it is hard. I recommend this to anyone for the cuteness.

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I did it!

i killed my plant i¬i

Nice plant stimulator