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I think i encountered a glitch where the computer only gives the disatisfied face

I think the downloadable version is bugged in some kind cause I played like 10 times without winning then I tried the browser version and I won in the first go ;_; I liked it a lot tho

after 10 times i did it  c':

This has a certain atmosphere that's great. Really liked playing!



lovely music and a cool concept! as others said, surprisingly difficult but not so hard as to make it unenjoyable. the text can be a lil hard to read tho :v

also are there multiple endings?

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It happened occasionally.

Looks like mech weeds create this bug.

I think that computer might have been Gilligan in another life!

Surprisingly hard! I love the style of the visuals. Very dieselpunk.

how do your start playing?I cant seam to be able to do anything;[


Up / Down arrows

Ok it works now,Thanks


Amazing :3 I finished after a few try , if you struggle watch what will happened tomorow


I really enjoyed this game. The music and the sound effects are really nice. it is just perfect. I would love to play more games like this one

this game made me feel a happy sort of melancholy... and the smiling computer gave me a sense of comfort. A lovely little gem.

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It's sometimes hard to see that text making the player sometimes guess but It's a cute game, challenging too

Edit: I did it :) The games soundtrack is so wonderful, and yes I was right it is hard. I recommend this to anyone for the cuteness.

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I did it!

i killed my plant i¬i

Nice plant stimulator