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How to ransacked village like I'm searching to the Google how to obtain orb of expansion it said place the village next to the vampire mansion but it didn't work(I try this in android)



i love that there is a gun in this game

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Four quarters never disappoints

how are you actually supposed to make the lich appear, i thought you had to fill all of the wasteland tiles but by the time i got it the first time i still had like 10 squares free


yo was that a jojo reference in the thumbnail or cover art


it softlocks if you die and hit continue.

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hit esc

I think I killed the Lich but he is just kind of hunched over and there isn't an end screen?

in LD version its just endless dead loop
try demo of full version

what is a quest

the village aquest but what is it

A quest puts a marker on an enemy on the path and makse that enemy stronger and gives an item or up to 3 cards when slain I believe.

The quest enemy seems to drop loot normally but you'll get an item when you return to the village

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Wow. This game has the protential for commercial release I believe.

Yes and it's the best game of the year 2021 for Devolver Digital!

theres this dilema where rarer items have less of the base stat, is this intentional?

probably, they give better bonus' like higher regen and atk speed but they make you sacrifice damage or defence

cool game, are the unusable equipment slots things you wanted to add but couldn't?

Yeah! We hardly maked ballance for four of them)))


Nice game! It would be great if it had a fast forward/speed up button and maybe some levels

There is the x2 hero movement button

I want to rate your game on Ludum Dare. can you link to it ?