Hi, it’s our 12th ludum Dare entry, and this time with game -

- - - “Roulette Knight” - - -

Shoot your way though the hoards of bullets!

Theme of 41th ludum was “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres” and we mix RPG + Russian roulette.

All code, art, animation and music were made during the Ludum Dare #41


Update info



- Fixed Cracked Coin bug

- Add Android version



- EXP/Gold/Regen no longer given for a combat shot

- Small bugfix



- add Russian language (TAB to switch)

- Small bugfix


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My thoughts: The game indicates stats for a lof of things, like health, regen, bullet damage, but nowhere in the game can you actually see how much health you have (numerically), how much damage a bullet will do, what your current regen is. While the game is very simple, a simple stats screen so you could see what your actual dodge chance, health, or incoming bullet damage is would make some nice quality of life improvements so it was not just guesswork with how the skills stack, or how useful some items are / what the base stats are. For a Ludem Dare entry its quite a  nice little game, definitely worthy of experiencing.

Spoiler / Balance issue:

Once you have a high capacity revolver you can pretty much play the rest of the game without taking a hit by using insight. From there a few minor items or skill upgrades and you'll have no need to rely on dodging, misfires, health / regen again.

i love this game, makes you think the game is rng but I saw the patterns that exist with each spin of the gun, quite good actually.

It's a really rad game! I love playing it! Sometimes it'll kill the knight with out warning me i'm on fatal shot, but other wise it's the best!!! Very very addictive!!

Fun! But very dark theme. 


Accidentally sold my gun before buying the upgrade first. 10/10 would dance merrily in the fields again.

One of my favorite games to play to pass the time, love the style and love the gameplay! Keep coming back to this game to try a whole different strategy and test my odds in this awesome game.



Well this is a revelation. :|

I made quick No Commentary video and I realy like this game!Keep up the good work!

Great gambling game, really enjoyed it.

it's funny :) , very good job! 

How the fuck do I play?


Make sure gun is in gun slot (below map), put a bullet in the chamber, then spin the chamber, then press the trigger.

Great crazy idea implemented very well into an addicted adventure of a game.


I made it to the final!!!!!

The most important strategies:

1. Buy 10-bullet revolver

2. Learn heal and then mana regen.

3. Buy HP regen items and increase maximum HP both by skills and items 

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Does spinning between each shot increases the survivability or the probability is reset anyway?

Great game and concept, interface maybe not very intuitive. Lacks some info too (like when you go back to a previous square, a bullet is always coming out? What?)

How do I get it on android?

It was hard for me because it was a game of chance.

한줄평: 운빨좆망겜


I can not stop until I have won. I actually made it one square away from the final destination. This game is well made and decently balanced, picking the right supplies and upgrades are critical to getting far in the game. 


If struggling to get far I highly recommend first purchase is being bigger gun, if you can a 10 chamber first thats great but at least start with the 8 chamber. Now the first path of upgrades needs to be +5 Health and then the next one after that for 6 exp points is the Cross that gives you 100 hit points for 15 mana. You will be able to leave the first area with 6 mana so after the +5 upgrade you will be able to get the cross after first or second shot in the 2nd area. Just keep restarting until your able to get that together safely. 

Never could beat it. But fun and simple!

I found this one pretty challenging 


th men in the game is dominant and look dominant and with an body that is disgusting , make it cute and adorable and normal shoulders and not big , normal body and face , you dehumanize people by not showing the face


It's a game about a stereotipical fantasy knight playing a russian rullete. Not sure if you're trolling, but how would making him cute be "less dehumanizing" ? Please take your SJW attitude somewhere else.


i did not said that , making him cute is amazingggggggg


Yes, you did say that. but i agree he should be cute!

reminds me of the plant vs zombies review


This game is really hard. I like it, it's just hard to progress without being tedious and that was the only downside

Very great and fun game, thanks to bring it to us !

(It seems there is a game breaking bug in infinite insight activation when unequip/equip gun)


Great game. Nice concept, nice genre matchup. I am very glad to see that you published the android version too, I hope you'll do the same for upcoming games (and you'll release an android version of 13 jellyfish, too)

Hey guys!
I played right after you uploaded the new version. The endscreen doesn't let me replay again with a click anymore (Firefox).
Stay funky,




Last update broke the in-browser play for me. It was fun while it lasted though!



sorry for inconvenience

Thanks, works great now. :)

I like the secret ending when you sell all of your guns


Always impressed by games that can manage to squeeze an entire full experience into such a small space.  This is clever and fun to play while I have my morning coffee.

Truly great game, very stressing and fun.But insight seem to  be buggy like hell :/ when  i use it, i get a 3 round shape and nothing else, it didn't disapear and i can't reuse insight :/

Still enjoying this!  Found a bug though - equipped both cracked coin and aegis, and I was immortal.  Fully loaded gun and shot myself in the head a few times, took no damage.  Almost like the coin wasn't being used up?

cracked coin fixed!

Awesome game! Quick question: How much damage does a critical hit do? 

critical deal x2 damage

I love this game. Great way to pass time in class. Hate it when I am three space away from the end and i take three bullets to the head for a GAME OVER. Great game. Keep up the good work devs.  "Insert thumbs up here..."

This is honestly the best LD game I've ever played, I absolutely love it!

great game! worth a fiver easily. i do wish there was an option to disable music tho, unless i've missed it somehow (:

Was able to remove the broken mirror by clicking on it.

(2 edits)

Unplayable if you have bad luck.
Even with only one bullet, I always take 2 shot in the five first shot...
So I can't even try the features of this game :$

I even manage to die in 3 shot...

Made a video

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Awesome game, can't stop playing it :D
Nicely done, can't believe you did this in just a few days! 

The mechanics in this game are really deep, I love it.


This game is awesome!  I had a blast playing this game.  Keep up the good work, and I would love to see what you come up with next.
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