Hi, it’s our 12th ludum Dare entry, and this time with game -

- - - “Roulette Knight” - - -

Shoot your way though the hoards of bullets!

Theme of 41th ludum was “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres” and we mix RPG + Russian roulette.

All code, art, animation and music were made during the Ludum Dare #41


Update info



- Fixed Cracked Coin bug

- Add Android version



- EXP/Gold/Regen no longer given for a combat shot

- Small bugfix



- add Russian language (TAB to switch)

- Small bugfix


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In my opinion the finger (25% misfire) and the jester's hat (25% dodge) are literally the best items in the game (other than the holy grail but that is literally so expensive its impossible to get).


Such a great ending

Has anyone else never ever used mp? Or am I playing the game wrong or something? I've played a bunch but I've never seen a use for it.


Пиксель-арт прям очень хорош!


Да ладно! РУсскиииииййй


rush B, suka blyat

А ты кто-то из разрабов или просто мимо проходил?

How often does the shop reset? is it triggered by certain actions or is it random? I've played dozens of times, maybe even a hundred or more by this point, but I can't figure it out

This is such a good and funny concept. Great interactions, animations and everything. Good job!!!


Ok, I've been playing this for like an hour haha


I like how you can fully load it.

I just keep coming back to this game, its a simple premise but incredibly fun none the less 

If Itch Io added local payments or a token charge so I can pay it using local currency I'd support this game a lot this is funny


Died one step from win, feels great ! :D

A really good game anyway, have fun playing it !

can you rate the stress level from 1-80

This game is amazing

These are indeed 2 compatible genres, you progress with your character only for it to die randomly, literally.

Love it! But will have to play a lot more to try and beat it, my gambling skills are not up to par

Idk which ending I like best. They're all cute and funny

This game is so much fun. I love the concept !

Fun game and hard core.Hope there will be coop or story along the game like a tournaments or sth

this game is great


tip: get the foresight ability AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. from there, spam MP regen, and buy the biggest gun you can. (that's how i beat the game the first time)


same, that's exactly what I did lol

also found that I could get infinite gold with the pawn and foresight.

It basically worked as a cheat-code, which made the game lose it's thrill completely :( But, still, thanks, 'cause you probably saved me personally at least two hours of grappling with game's RNG.

My initial strat was to obtain the froggy helm, collect all the items, which buff the dodge chance, then max out the dodge chance through level ups, and all of that, in turn (in theory) would've given the character an ability to dodge the bullet with 105% chance. 

this is super true, getting all that stuff made it easier to beat the game. thanks for the help!!!

Good game


A good tactic is to start with 3 bullet in the cylinder. Then if u shot 3 three time without getting hurt, U start rly well.

Too bad there arent "checkpoints". Still really good :D

I really love the art style!!


The medic's expression... 🤣

in the lower secondary item field the mouse over doesn't work

would like to see the amount of health and mana in some numbers.


whenever i have saved enough money to buy my desired item it gets replaced in the shop ... grrrr


i <3 gambling

(1 edit)

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun


i love gambling with my life

Great game 10/10


everytime i start i get hit immediantly 2 times in a row for the past 25 game


how do you even play

(3 edits) (+1)

place the minimum amount of ammo in revolver as specified, roll it and pull the trigger.

for every safe-shot, you earn gold and exp.

you can buy stuff with your gold and increase your stats&learn some spells with your exp.

the gold&exp you earn and the risk of getting shot is linear with the amount of ammo you put.

combo(safe-shot streak) also increases the gold&exp you earn.

click the map icon(top left), you'll see there are 24 levels, one with the helmet shows the level you are at.

the goal is to pass final level (top right level on the map), you don't have to pass evey single level.

each level has 3 symbols on top and 5 symbols on bottom.

symbols on top indicates how many remaining safe-shots you need to pass this level.

symbols on bottom indicates how many remaining turns you can earn money&exp from this level.

so in short, you need 3 safe-shots to pass a level and you cannot earn money&exp from this level after 5 total shots(safe or not).

btw, stuff on market changes frequently. make sure you check it often.

I figured a way out that we can actually end this game in literally five seconds. not sure it's an intended thing or not tho.

I checked the comments below. looks like people already knew this trick. the trick was selling the gun immediately after game started.

That ending made me laugh out loud XD Thanks for hinting a way to obtain it!

ahahah no problem, you are welcome


i do not understand this game at all but i am having fun losing, so 10/10 game totally recomend.


Literally just put seven bullets in the eight capacity revolver. Shot it and didn't get hit. Not even a dodge. Straight up, 12.5% chance luck! That literally made my day.

Bem! Legal a proposta


this game taught me that 1/6 (%16.67 chance) is not as small as I thought it would be.

theirs a glitch where if you use insight take the gun you holding out gun slot then put it back in you can still have insight but the gun is reloaded. pls fix

insight is very useful skill, but as you mention, just for this glitch&bug thing, I had to beat the game without using this skill.

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