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i love it, but i relly think that the criticals fuck it up completely.

I found again this game on my 2nd account because I marked as Favorite. Omg, great times, I will play this again! 11/10

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Always like and love the luck bass game

how do you shoot

if anyone is wondering cursed mirrors does turn dmg into helas and you lose you hp but its one times and after that its 50 percent more damage and unremovable

new hyperfix, i adore this game so much AUGHHH

Please why...


weird glitch where when you have the Aegis item and a bullet takes you to exactly 0 hp, it softlocks the game. I love this game

how do i play put it in the desc



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I gotta say, I didn't expect lvl 4 damage to oneshot me when I have +375 HP and -75 damage :-(

I feel like in the end, the insight trick is the only way to beat the game, and it makes me a little sad- I wish other strategies were viable.


There actually is! I used the frog hat for 55% evasion, then poured all my ability points into the evasion tree - making sure to also just stay at the earlier stages if I was close to leveling up to nab the points. After that, I used the gun necklace to give me a bit of extra evasion. By the end, I was dodging most of the bullets I had trigger, only caveat is that if a bullet makes it past its way beyond the sliver of a chance to hit, it will kill. 


i have played since 2018 and i'm just getting to the end of the game i tried my original strat and I finally beat it It's a good game i'm surprised it took me 4 years to beat it


love playing this in school lmao


i almost got my chromebook taken away because of playing this in class lmao




finally completed my hardmode run


insight be really op god damn


lol!!!very good game!hope publish it on steam some day,i'll buy it in the first time. very Creative game


sell the gun and u will win the impressive,so much philosophical.

to win the gamble,only way is to give up the gamble



this game is so interesting,but I need chinese,bro


i really enojy this game, but damn it kicks my arse


I sold the gun and won the game


>a game where you commit suicide 
>41 in the title
Top kek.


u made the same joke half a year ago lil bro the dementia getting to u


nah how bro get that ratio on itch io I'm weak


i love this game so much


use INSIGHT and items/abilities that regenerate mana to WIN


basicaly how insta win... but is more fun if not


immediately fully loaded the chamber, spun it, fired and died. 10/10


Got both endings and won with insight.


bulet go brrr


i have said to myself 3 times in 3 different games of this, "I swear this is going to kill me..." and then my bullet kills me. why does this happen to me ;-;


Oh I hated it, until I finally beat it. 

10/10 would recommend


Fun and challenging. Very addicting, but also extremely frustrating sometimes.


why am i so bad at this gaem


Unique gameplay concept that was quite addicting. Great job! 

quite a bit of gold

that strat is very good


so...  piggy bank is actually increasing prices for some reason

its a cursed piggy bank

once you knew the trick its pretty ez actually heheh i got the 10round guns used it in final challenge hehehe what about you?

me to

this game fiils comedic it reminds of a game where theire was a knight that ordered a pizza but his castle is too big so he faces some  problems he was a sort of a king but also a knight 

good game suicide simulator

I think i did something wrong.

naah you actually won

oh really? 

I like it

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