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how do you mow the lawn?? i can't figure it ou


It's in the shed just right click on the lawnmower 


it's started by super insane, (Day 1) probably in shock of losing his friend, Mike  to some aliens attack, but then everything went to regular routine of loneliness and emptiness as days pass on. Well, that's what I get from this game. It's a short but worth to play game. Nice job Dev!


The game was... Okay?  I like the premise but it wasn't executed really well in my opinion. Seeing a character going through a routine as their loneliness slowly eats away at them really could have made an interesting game. But in the end the devs went for the "uh ho he's crazy" and the aliens route. Both with... Pretty much no build up? The character really just. Completely breaks out of nowhere. Seeing his sanity slowly chips away because of loneliness could have been interesting but instead it's just a complete 180 from one day to the other. We can see before that he's lonely and trying to hide it behind fake joy, but absolutely of this absolute dementia was showns before which really made me loose my immersion in the game. I still think it's an okay game as I've said before, and i like the art style and the music, just kinda disappointed to see such an interesting premise end up to be just... Meh.

I really liked the spacing between when things start getting weirder and i also liked the story line and how he replies to everything that is interactable.

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I simply love this game ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you so much!!!


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...Vigenère Cipher, maybe?

I also belive it, but we don't have a key


I enjoyed this game very much!  I wish it were longer.  I love how it got so dark.  Good job!


Love this game! only thing i wish was that i knew what the ending was?? Ik he was going mentaly insane i think but besides that i have no clue what just happened and this is my second time playing. Anyways love this game to big pieces to small pieces to smallest pieces?


I... I don't know what I just played. The game was good, don't get me wrong, but what is this??

i cant get passed the musical solo part


you need to find a string for the ukulele)

try to check the storeroom ;)

I can't seem to find the string for the guitar even when I looked inside the store room, I was able to pick up the fishing rod but  i can't find out what I need to do with it.

kill fishing rod)


I've been trying to get past the "Fix the roof" item for an hour now. I've checked every single square on the island and in the guy's home trying to find the screwdriver. I've been able to throw the trash out, water the plants, and get the hammer and nails, but I can't find the screwdriver anywhere! I've used space on every floor tile, wall, and item, and even tried hammering everything, but no crap this guy misplaced the screwdriver, because it doesn't even seem to be on his island whatsoever. It's impossible to find a walkthrough for the game to check it because all I seem to find when I try to search for one is Untitled Goose Game. All the videos in the comments seem to be broken, and I've pretty much given up of ever completing the game. At some point a long time ago I managed to overcome this now ridiculous problem quite easily, but I have no idea how I did so at all. It's an amazing game overall, but where is the freaking screwdriver?



We apologize for misleading you.  Hammer and screwdriver is a reference to our game "Please Don't Touch Anything".  There is no screwdriver in this game. To fix the roof you only need to go on the roof and fix the holes with a hammer.

idk if there was supposed to be a story here, but if there is i wish it was more explained cuz im super confused by what i just played.  i thought it was going to be about depression and feeling like youre in a dark void of nothing-ness, repeating the same things every day with no reward or happiness. wasnt expecting aliens lol


Not exactly special. The music was actually kinda grating, and the twist was so obvious, yet had no build up. Good graphics, just not exactly something I think reached the full potential. 

I liked this game a lot and would love to see the soundtrack on Spotify if possible.

Such a great work here, well done devs.

Very intriguing story, excellent music, beautiful 8-bit style graphics, and easy to grasp gameplay. It's all good, I say :-)


I have no idea of what i just played but i like it

I love the game sm and I love how all the music is on Soundcloud. But I can't find the music to where protag is playing the guitar? Does anyone know where I can find that melody? :)


Great music and good graphics, gets creepier the more you play. But I didn't quite understand the ending.

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Excellent game! Loved the unexpected finale.

really great game

this is awesome!!!!


Nice art style and music, my one gripe is that the English sometimes doesn't read quite right.


I love short creepy games. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started but I wasn't disappointed for sure. Loved the art style from start to finish, loved the character. What a fun ride

Love the twist near the end! Very cute, love the music and the dark twist really pulled it together. Art style is perfect.

I actually enjoyed this game more than i let on because it did have a very creepy atmosphere as it progressed. SO while it wasn't quite up my alley It was still very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


This was such an amazing game! Loved the wayit looks and how the story progressed. It definitely took a turn to something I didn’t expect.

Love your style as usual. Well designed, well put together. Nice music, nice art, great concept. Just bought one of your games on Steam. Keep it up.

Hi! i love the game it's pretty messed up

Deleted post
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when this boy plays the guitar, I feel sad

I can relate

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oh god i love how messed up it got. the attention to detail is amazing, really helped to make the later days more unsettling. 

cool music and love the pixel art too!


You four are such an amazing team, because your sometimes weird, but always pretty polished games always get to me. I love how the narrative in your entry evolved more and more in not just odd, but even cruel way. It's hard to imagine how a person in complete isolation and with a mental disorder must feel, but you had such an impressive way to show it. That's why I had to write a praising article about it as well as including it in our GOTY 2017 list. <3 For anyone interested, I added our playthrough video of this game into the comment; maybe it'll drive more players to you. You totally deserve it, just like the 7th place in the Ludum Dare 38. :) Looking forward to what you'll come up with next! Thanks for all your hard work.

Best wishes,

so sick <3 

What do you do when it says "Sleep". I don't know how to continue... I tried pushing all the buttons, refresh, etc. Any tips or ideas of what to do? Thank you!

get near the bed and press space. hope i helped!


Really disturbing game! I love it!

I was really intrigued, the protagonist seems very innocent, almost a bit dumb. But wow, that twist...


this was so cool! i loved the dark twist >:)

what does he mean "rope, one of the most useful items, if you you believe the quests" btw i know what he means but you know what i mean

such a dark game, didn't see it coming.

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