Hi, it’s our 9th ludum entry, and this time with game -

Point’n’click adventure about the guy and his to-do list for seven days. We hope you enjoy it!


  • wasd\arrows - walk
  • z\space\right mouse - grab items
  • Use 1,2,3,4,5 buttons for interact with items
  • StatusReleased
    PlatformsWindows, HTML5
    Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
    (430 total ratings)
    AuthorFour Quarters team
    Made withGameMaker: Studio
    Tags8-Bit, four-quarters, Horror, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 38, Pixel Art, quest
    LinksLudum Dare


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    at some point the game just turns another language

    how do i fertilize the garden????

    how do i?? water the garden????

    ah okay nevermind

    One of my all time favorite horror games!  The story and gameplay are perfect, and the soundtrack is one of the best ever.



    Not me be stuck on how to deal with a scarecrow what do I DO oh well just gota be cunfused 

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    k so stabby stab



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    okay beat the game finally that was fun 


    dude tf were those artificial babies or some shit???!!


    tbh i'm stuned i didn't get stuck, i just kept pressing things and it worked lol


    How do I start over


    Very cool, I wish it was longer lol.


    hmm, i have a theory!

    perhaps day 1 was actually day 1, and the mc recovered from the tragic incident. the game was just using the countdown format to show us what happened in the past.


    That's a good theory.

    i don't think so, what about the scarecrow them? it was made in the days after but still existed in day 1 and 2

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    please help. i cant figure out how to turn the radio off ;-;


    sdvvoiasdiuwabfi NVM I GOT IT!! *SOBS*


    well i can say this i wasn't expecting it to get so dark. a bit existential maybe towards the begging, but it took an abrupt turn, heh.

    i really liked it though! it wasn't too on the nose with the horror elements, the first thing i noticed was the concerning looking sprites, and part of me just wondered if that was what they always had looked like. 

    i liked the countdown too, as things got weirder and weirder i was eagerly watiing for day 1

    also, i wonder if one of the days was a dream. i think it was the first one the blue thing shows up? your roof is no longer painted, no scarecrow, etc. and its when things start really being weird. and the the next day you kill the alien and it looks like how you found it. i found that interesting

    this game surprised me in a good way, and it was short and sweet. a few of the puzzles took a while, i got stuck on the fertilizer one. i finally gave in and looked it up, and apparently i was clicking the trashcan wrong.

    my only real critism is the controls were a bit confusing, there kept being areas i felt like i should be able to walk in, but i couldnt.

    all in all, fun game!

    Yeah I thought it was good too. My interpretation on the blue thing wasn't that it was a dream, but that the main character was going insane from the isolation and kept forgetting what he did the day before and then remembering again, so he killed the creature and then forgot he killed it the next day so we're seeing it in reverse. I really like it it surprised me 


    I made a walkthrough for anyone that is stuck:


    THANK YU SO MUCCH THIS HELPED LOL i was stuck on the radio




    Pretty sure my brain melted a little bit with my week on this island. Nothing some meat won't fix 😀. . .

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    This game was truly amazing! The sense of unease only built as the days went by. Puzzles were interesting to figure out and the ending left me with the feeling of "what the heck happened!?" Awesome job dev!
    I also included a written walkthrough incase anybody is stuck on how to beat the game. Check the pinned comment!


    I'd love to finish play the game but I can't understand how to make dinner.
    I can only pick one carrot from the farm. I have the bowl and the knife. I've managed to cut the carrot by spamming their numbers in the bar but what now. Can't figure how to put the carrots in the bowl and the bowl doesn't seem to interact with the water pond and also I have no idea where I'll cook the carrot soup. In the fireplace??

    Basically I'm stuck before any of the creepyness happens. :(

    you need an apple and knife


    how do I play guitar


    Grab guitar, grab fishing rod, grab knife, use knife on fishing rod to get string, combine string and guitar, sit on outside stool with guitar.


    how do I practice painting

    get painting supplies and go to stool and press use on the painting supplies


    I played it multiple times before but I still am not bored 🙂


    Dang, MC really went off to the deep end. I mean, years of isolation as well as an unchanging routine is a one way ticket to insanity, especially whne you're literally in the middle of nowhere. I'm curious what happened to MC, what made him stranded in that place and started to live a life all while driving himself to the brink of insanity, well at this point he was fully into it but still. So curious.

    Idk, he seems to have memories of normal life, with the houses and people, I think the radio is interesting how it spoke to him about weird things that seemed to have a story behind them.


    Is MC actually a human or is he an alien mimicking a human pattern behavior through the bits and pieces he found?? Honestly I can remember a few parts about the game but I always did have the nagging thought that maybe MC isn't completely human and that's why he's like this. Food for thought!



    does the game have differint ending?


    If there were two guys on the moon & one of them killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what?

    Welcome to the twilight zone


    This game is one of those rare short games that prove that cute art styles and amazing 8-bit tracks can indeed lead to some thought provoking, dark situations.

    To Do List is a game where you wake up each day and, well, do your to do list. It's premise is really simple: go around your tiny island and just do simple tasks from chores to entertaining yourself to making food. The game starts taking a turn near the halfway point as you start hearing things from your radio and giant worms start to appear all over your lawn (not to mention you dig up your friend to have a nice, cozy chat with them). In terms of music, the game has a really awesome soundtrack that goes well with its old flash style artwork and just the overall tone as the days progress. The ending is left pretty open as you end up harvesting your crops, masses of flesh that (with a little speculation) were what grew from the corpses you created along the way.

    Gameplay-wise, there weren't any sections that had bugs or any glitches (that I could find). The only sore spot that I would be able to see people talk about is that, while the game gives you objectives, some objectives have multiple steps that the player must figure out on their own; with this being said, the game is so short and straightforward that it's very simple to find what's required to do next.

    All in all, this game will draw you in with it's visuals and killer music, only to leave you questioning what you've been actually doing in your to do list

    My playthrough:

    how to fertilize the garden?


    nvm just take smth from trash then grab the knife and cut the creature. then combine them and go to the garden


    How do you "see a friend?"

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    use the shovel in the shed to dig up the patch of dirt near it


    oh thank you Mirila :)

    do you know how? i still havent workd it out

    Wonderful. Really creepy :3


    How do you make the scarcrow ?????


    grab the hat in the house, the rope next to the shed, and the sack inside the shed ^_^

    how do you get rid of weeds??

    nvm i just picked them up from the garden n threw them away where i threw the trash at 


    i thout walking was broken but it was just walking in a grid lol

    Really cool and interesting game, also the art and the music are great!


    This game was really interesting and pretty cool. I wonder how this character ended up in that situation. 


    i love the art :0


    same >:

    ikrrr it looks so cute except when it gets creepy .-. 


    What does he do at the end? :^

    Idk. He either eats the alien babies or just cuddles them. Either way he's gone insane



    how do you put the apples in the bowl???  

    chop both the carrot and the apple, then combine both the apple and the carrot, put the combination into the bowl

    Hi, how do I put my chopped up dinner in the bowl? Thanks ^^ 

    chop both the carrot and the apple, then combine both the apple and the carrot, put the combination into the bowl

    oo creepy :D


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