Hi, it’s our 9th ludum entry, and this time with game -

Point’n’click adventure about the guy and his to-do list for seven days. We hope you enjoy it!


  • wasd\arrows - walk
  • z\space\right mouse - grab items
  • Use 1,2,3,4,5 buttons for interact with items
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    pls help idk what i should doooooo


    I have so many questions

    -Who is Mike and how did he appear in the floating isand?

    -How did Mike die?

    -Where was Mike before he died

    -Why did the MC go crazy?

    -Did we travel thought time when the numbers started going backwards?

    -What were these red things?

    -Are there multiple endings?

    - Was the blue thing a catepilar?

    - How did the blue thing get near my house?

    -How did we end up in space on a floating island?


    hey I'm not sure if it's just me, but whenever I play this game it feels like I'm missing some dialogue? For example when the uh. "Fun Thing" appears in the yard, it should have some more dialogue, but I only get one box of text. Thomas doesn't talk to me either. :( I know there should be more, because I've seen youtube videos of this game, but I can't get all of the dialogue for some reason. It's like it skips, but I don't know how to get it NOT to skip. I've used every variation of the controls so I don't know what to do.

    Is this a glitch or are other people experiencing this too? I know it's been two years or so and might not be worth updating, but I really like this game and I wish I could have the same experience as others.

    Yes, most likely something has changed globally in browsers.

    Unfortunately at the moment there is no possibility of rebuild the game (the latest version of Game Maker for some reason is not friendly with browsers). The only way out is to play the Windows version for now.


    I see, I'll just stick with downloading the windows version. It does work better that way. Thank you for replying, and happy holidays!

    Cool game!



    I loved this game! Personally i liked the story and the little tasks you had to do.

    wow super love this, neat concept and not toooo difficult. really love this


    And my mom wonder's why I never do my chores...this is what happens!


    I played this with my sister, and it was so amazing! The building suspense made it even better! Wish there was a sequel!


    So fun! I love the concept and how it's executed! A well-spent 10 minutes.


    Fantastic game. I'm absolutely speechless. Create a longer version and I'm gonna buy it! 


    great game 10/10


    Well.. that went from 0 to 60 fast. Great game! Very disturbing in all the right ways, and I loved the art.


    Great music, nice work!

    This to do list is... normal until stuff start happening. IT may seems like normal person living on a normal floating island, but things quickly turn south when his face changes... I need closures man... what is he? What is he... growing?! 


    i genuinely love this game so much. i found it when i was in a weird place mentally and it helped me a lot, so thank you!! 


    Ok, ok, i know this one's old, but I liked it and now I can share it :D


    made an account just for this
    hi, this is my favorite game ever. i am not kidding. i am not joking. sometimes i think about this game and get super happy!! i play it a lot, and im working on trying to do a speedrun. i have so many thoughts and theories and it's just such a fascinating little story!! i love mike and the MC, i love how we can only wonder, i love how simple yet chilling it is. the idea of the island, the tasks, seeing the gradual detoriation of the MC, and whatever the ending was... woah!! i wish more people knew about this game, because it's honestly just such a fun wonderful experience!! it feels sort of like earthbound, in the fun, funny, but ultimately chilling story, the amazing 8bit music, and the expert use of cosmic horror. honestly, i think my life was better because i found this little game!! i can't count the amount of times i told someone i love everything about it (infodumping!!) and they listened and talked about it too!! the island itself is wonderful, feeling peaceful yet desolate, and hints of story and the MC's past are just sprinkled in perfectly. thank you for making this game!! 

    9.6/10 overall

    10/10 creepy

    Really enjoyed this game, although I found myself running around in circles trying to solve the puzzles... but that was more user error than anything else. I liked how the game progressed and how things subtlety changed throughout the fruition of the gameplay. Great use of audio and a great twist to a game... I really recommend it!

    So so game.

    (Copy & paste for others to read)

    To Do List is a small-scale experimental game, you are a nameless man doing chores from a single white sheet of paper.

    There isn't much to describe the gameplay you are doing chores, from day-to-day the program becomes different. Thankfully, the chores continue diversified per day, no queries concerning repetition. Now, it isn't problem-free: You can still move with the tasks opened, and there are some punctuation errors.
    The visuals are sharp and well-done. Don't be fool by the cute pixels on display there is a sinister side. The environment is almost empty; a house, a shed, a garden and compost and near infinity emptiness of the cosmos.

    The music is excellent, beautifully rhythmic of chiptunes and synthwaves and unbelievably catchy. Cleverly cheerful to hide the loneliness of the character's predicament.

    To the boys and girls, yes, it is a Cosmic Horror. The whole goal (in my opinion) is: We are living mundane lives, cogs in a mechanical way of living, the to-do list is the anchor keeping our sanity from going critical furthermore, taking our control of our being away from us, stuck in a perpetual loop of tasks and facilities.
    To Do List as an innovative Cosmic Horror formula of simplicity, while maintaining a self-contained environment and a fine example of the genre's ability to adopted the ordinary, dull objectives of a seamlessly harmless of "keeping busy."


    loved it!


    loved this game... warning: volume loud (editing error) lol

    Help i am unable to make dinner he is hungry


    to make dinner get the knife and bowl go over to the garden then to the tree for apples


    Ah thanks :)


    terrifying, thank you


    I can't get past the lawnmower part on day 6... I can see the mower in the shed but i can't click it... not with my trackpad or my spacebar.. Idk if this is a glitch or if I'm doing something wrong but it's not working..

    (1 edit) (+1)

    how to kill pests

    (1 edit)

    no sequel? :(

    btw i love this game it's amazing


    a sequel please!


    Wow. This was unsettling. The poor boy is trapped in his own little abyss, oblivious to his backstory (which, I infer is pretty dark), and quietly going insane. Great job, I look forward to more of your projects in the future.

    Очень стильная игра, я под впечатлением!


    how do you do the fertilize


    It is a pity there are no mute button


    I really love this kind of games.. And the storyline is so deep and sooo soo muchh dark also fun.. I hope you guys can create more and more, really enjoy this game.. And the music is really interesting, suutable for the progress in the storyline.. I love how it ends up that he's like a star in his own cosmic world.. He's into his world and doesn't even have even slightest feeling that bothering him, and that's makes him really cool.. Really appreciate how you create this game.. It's so amazing!!!! Hope to see more of you all... 


    Hey what's the boys name? (Main character) He's so cute and my friend loves him, it'd be cool to know, thanks!




    how do you mow the lawn?? i can't figure it ou


    It's in the shed just right click on the lawnmower 


    it's started by super insane, (Day 1) probably in shock of losing his friend, Mike  to some aliens attack, but then everything went to regular routine of loneliness and emptiness as days pass on. Well, that's what I get from this game. It's a short but worth to play game. Nice job Dev!

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