Here is some puzzle cryptographic game we named "The Second Thought". And "Please, Don't Touch Anything". 

We were arguing about name for a long time and didn't come to an agreement. 

The game has eleven endings and it counts as complete only if you managed to discover every one of them. And you get something special each time you find one. 
Alt+Enter - fullscreen. 
Hold reset lever to erase your savegame. 
After you launch the game you'll have to wait a bit till it's loading (just a couple of seconds). 
Also there's an android version, but some in-game buttons are small so it plays well only on big screens. Or you can use stylus. 

Enjoy and make sure you've read the instruction! 

P.S. It's 5 am here and we're glad we made it. 

Dmitry "theRandom" Lagutov - programmer 
Dmitry "deceiver" Karimov - artist 
Alexander "finlal" Vartazaryan - artist 
Alexander "blinch" Goryeslavets - music, sounds 

Also, there is 3D-VR remake of the game:


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

The_Second_Thought_for_LD31.exe 10 MB
The_Second_Thought_for_LD31_bugfix.exe 10 MB
The_Second_Thought_for_LD31.apk 14 MB


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<img src="<a href="<a href=""></a>"><a href="</a>"></a></a>">Here is how you get all endings
1-11 Free version
1. Just leave it don't do anything
2. Press the red button 20 times
3. Press the red button, Then flick the switch, Then press the red button again
4. Press red button twice, Roman Numerals: 213121, Flick the switch left, Numpad Code: 1066, Go to 7x7 grid and follow this pattern (numbers on side, letters on top) D1,A3,G3,B7,F7
5. Press the red button until you get the hammer, Smash the screen
6. Go back to the Numpad, This the code is 3748, Press the left arrow
7. Same as 6. but press the right arrow
8. Press the red button until you get the screwdriver, unscrew the screws that ock the colour coder, Colour Code: Green Red Yellow Blue
9. Go back to the Numpad, The code is 1066 again, go to the bottom right with the numbers 1 2 3 4 , Code: 1234(<<<but why??!??!?!?)
10. Go back to the switch, This time flick it right, binary code(long): 16 13 10000 = 1 0 0 0 0 0. 16 = move 1 to the 6th place. 13 = move the 1 to the 3rd place = 00101 binary code(short): 00101
11.Find the "Don't do It!" thing. follow the arrows on the instruction board: top left, top right, top right, top left

It isn't working nothing is happening. No music just a picture of the office.

i've all but one ending help! it is the 4th to last from left to right on the lights

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ight i've combined multiple comments (and some of my findings) into one summary so it's easy to find if you're stuck. 

roman numerals: 213121

numpad: 3748 and 1066

binary code: idk just randomly push lol

1234 pad: 1234


Mark the five points of a star on the 7x7 panel:
- - - X - - -
- - - - - - -
X - - - - - X
- - - - - - -
- - - - - - -
- - - - - - -
- X - - - X -

color code: green red yellow blue

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tips for the first ending: it is the only peaceful ending :) the pleasant and calm music surely helps!






i need HELP!

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how do you get the 7x7 panel

what does the braille translate to

need help yal

translates to 37481066

idk what that means


i cant figure out the 4th or the 10th one help plz

whats the bender code 


please help with the 7x7 panel, I know it must be to do with the pentagram but I don't get it


how did you do the panel

Plot the points of a star on the panel. Use the full panel. Top Center is a starting point.

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For the Bender one I just kept pressing the 1 and 0 buttons randomly and somehow got it xD


OMG for some reason I can't get the roman numerals. I got it once but now I can't do it!!!

Is this the game that came before the famous game called "please, don't touch anything"? The one that jacksepticeye played? or is it just a fan game? anyways, amazing game.

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Yep. It is original LudumDare game.  Original PDTA 2D grows from it .

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whats the code to the roman numeral pad

Edit: i figured it out

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what was it




Sit back, relax, enjoy the game!


how do i do the first 1?


whats the last one


how do i do the 7x7 pad?

is it somthing to do with the penta gram?



the only ending i ned to do is the first one


oop nevermind


what was ending number 10?

what do you do with the number pad from 1 to 9

it refers to the braille in the instructions, try decoding it 

(the braille is 2x3)

i beat it

I did it!

I finished the game!

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how do you do ending 10? i know that it has to do with the 0 and 1 pad but i dont know the code.

there is a code in the instructions that are always used, try finding it there

oh thank you, that was easier than expected

where on the instructions


i just broke the lever and both areas popped up


Guys please don't give out answers. Give hints to let people find the answers themselves.

Finished the game btw. If anyone needs clues or hints, let me know , I'd be happy to give you a nudge.

how do i get to the pentagram ending. im halfway there

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Access the 7x7 panel (with all the small square green buttons on the lower lefthand side). Press a button, note the color of the buttons. Look at the paper on the wall for something that matches that color.

Sorry for the delay.

im at the part when u pull the lever


Alright. You'll want to flip the switch to the left. The number pad that comes up is connected to the "Monsier Braille" portion of the paper. The braille translates to two different number patterns. Each 4-digit pattern brings up a different panel.

need help

With what part?



HOW DO I DO THE 7X7 PANNEL????!!! is it somthing to do with the pentagram

How do I get the Bender code? I know the code is in #4 in the instructions, but i don't know how to put that into the 1s and 0s format


what do the roman numerals mean 

how do you get the 7x7 puzzle

look at the color of the buttons when you press them. What else is that color in the room?

Just about everything.


I got all endings.

I've completed all of the endings yay.

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4? 7x7 buttons?

#4 is several codes. 

As for the 7x7 buttons, look at the color they turn when pressed. What else is that color?


Okay first thing is one of my favorite games
2. The first code is 213121
Remember that this is a second game to the original game and also a quick search can get a result
I managed 8 of 11
And I don't want to ruin everyone, but there are answers in the comments so if you Want, you will see there.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to get the first code though. 

You get the code from the lines in the bar code


how do you get the launchpad?

how all endings just want know

an how pause


How do i do the first ending?

I only have the 1st ending to do

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