Here is some puzzle cryptographic game we named "The Second Thought". And "Please, Don't Touch Anything". 

We were arguing about name for a long time and didn't come to an agreement. 

The game has eleven endings and it counts as complete only if you managed to discover every one of them. And you get something special each time you find one. 
Alt+Enter - fullscreen. 
Hold reset lever to erase your savegame. 
After you launch the game you'll have to wait a bit till it's loading (just a couple of seconds). 
Also there's an android version, but some in-game buttons are small so it plays well only on big screens. Or you can use stylus. 

Enjoy and make sure you've read the instruction! 

P.S. It's 5 am here and we're glad we made it. 

Dmitry "theRandom" Lagutov - programmer 
Dmitry "deceiver" Karimov - artist 
Alexander "finlal" Vartazaryan - artist 
Alexander "blinch" Goryeslavets - music, sounds 

Also, there is 3D-VR remake of the game:


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The_Second_Thought_for_LD31.exe 10 MB
The_Second_Thought_for_LD31_bugfix.exe 10 MB
The_Second_Thought_for_LD31.apk 14 MB


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Can someone tell me the controls? It doesn't say and I've touched everything and cant get past "Hey, man...".  PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!

Left mouse button

I looked everywhere. I have 4 endings to complete. There appears  to be nothing left!

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aaa I can't find the first and the ninth one... am I dense?? XD

Edit: ooh, found the ninth one, that was indeed dense of me lmao. Still can't get the first.
Edit 2: got the 1st one by accident and couldn't figure out how I did it so I looked it up... of course, silly me.

ur mom gae lol

no u lol


love the puzzles :)



nice game



E PIC music.