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i just broke the lever and both areas popped up


Guys please don't give out answers. Give hints to let people find the answers themselves.

Finished the game btw. If anyone needs clues or hints, let me know , I'd be happy to give you a nudge.

how do i get to the pentagram ending. im halfway there

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Access the 7x7 panel (with all the small square green buttons on the lower lefthand side). Press a button, note the color of the buttons. Look at the paper on the wall for something that matches that color.

Sorry for the delay.

im at the part when u pull the lever


Alright. You'll want to flip the switch to the left. The number pad that comes up is connected to the "Monsier Braille" portion of the paper. The braille translates to two different number patterns. Each 4-digit pattern brings up a different panel.

need help

With what part?



HOW DO I DO THE 7X7 PANNEL????!!! is it somthing to do with the pentagram

How do I get the Bender code? I know the code is in #4 in the instructions, but i don't know how to put that into the 1s and 0s format


what do the roman numerals mean 

how do you get the 7x7 puzzle


look at the color of the buttons when you press them. What else is that color in the room?

Just about everything.


I got all endings.

I've completed all of the endings yay.

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4? 7x7 buttons?

#4 is several codes. 

As for the 7x7 buttons, look at the color they turn when pressed. What else is that color?


Okay first thing is one of my favorite games
2. The first code is 213121
Remember that this is a second game to the original game and also a quick search can get a result
I managed 8 of 11
And I don't want to ruin everyone, but there are answers in the comments so if you Want, you will see there.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to get the first code though. 


You get the code from the lines in the bar code


how do you get the launchpad?

how all endings just want know

an how pause


How do i do the first ending?

I only have the 1st ending to do

Just got robot ending, kinda diffucult i guess to find the clue, after that it was ez

how do the color

green, red, yellow, blue

Oh my god this game is so much fun. I started playing 12am and couldn't stop! <3 I love it so much! :)


I haven't managed to pull off number 4, I'm guessing it has to do witht he pentagram and the 666?

whats the color code

Deleted 2 years ago

whats the bender numbers

16: 10000

13: ?????

The game is here for free, oh well it was good so im happy about buying the steam version

The steam version also has more endings and features!


The puzzles are really ingenious, the quantity of endings and quotes is really immense! I loved the Papers, Please ending, with V trying to enter into... Arstozka...? Is that Arstozka? And the final ending is also pretty fun: that... Button COULD make coffee, apart from destroying the world!

I don't have many words. This game is just... Incredible. Great work, you made a cult-game :D

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what does the braille translate to

Edit: oh i found all the endings

Another edit: cool game :D




3748 and 1066

how do i get the last two ending

I only have the first ending left to get


I completed the game wooho

whats the code to the 1 2 3 4  pad

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1, 2, 3, 4

no really



this is really hard


If you get to the numpad... look at the "braille" part of the instructions... translate...


what is the translation

3748 and 1066

it doesnt translate to anything m8


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what do you do for the "don't do it buttons"

but  don't see it


look at the instructions


now i got the 6th





Can someone tell me the controls? It doesn't say and I've touched everything and cant get past "Hey, man...".  PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!


Left mouse button

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can you help me with the numberpad

thanks :)


I looked everywhere. I have 4 endings to complete. There appears  to be nothing left!

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aaa I can't find the first and the ninth one... am I dense?? XD

Edit: ooh, found the ninth one, that was indeed dense of me lmao. Still can't get the first.
Edit 2: got the 1st one by accident and couldn't figure out how I did it so I looked it up... of course, silly me.

whats the 1st one?


ur mom gae lol


no u lol


love the puzzles :)



nice game



E PIC music.

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