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Robot ending: the button until a 1/2/3 buttons appear 213121

3.pull the lever to the right 1101

Boom robot ending

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IV DONE IT I MAY HAVE  WORE OFF ADHD MEDS 0 SLEEEP IN WHO KNOWS HOW LONG AND I MAY  BE VERY DUMB BUT I DID  IT IT MAY BE 2:40 AM AND IDK HOW LONG IV BEEN AWAKE BUT IV DONE IT now for the love of god or satan or dead ppl I need sleep unlikely it will happen but im no longer foucsed on task I am now free


I have a perfect price for this game. $0.00

I got my nuke switch red

Instant classic!

This was the most fun (and short) mobile game I played, I hope there will be more endings soon.

They made a full version on steam, the one on is pretty old

Thank you

Got some on my own, then the rest with the guide- But this was still fun :D


No way, YOU made PDTA. Oh my GOD I love your game.


Is the actual PTDA or just a very similar rip off

Its original PDTA. Then we are made full version for Steam etc.


wow i cant believe it, i thought you guys just made PDTA but with less stuff

also i think the second thought is the better title, its a shame that they decided on PDTA.

i finally won




how do you do that

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Try to find every clues and patterns available, reach an ending, +one will light up. if it's too hard to understand, watch tutorials or playthrough but don't watch until the end, it will spoil the fun of finding all the endings all by yourself


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accidentally press the switch in the middle 


What's the sequence of the tree numbers?

366 or 666

how do you get the numbers

i just got all endings the clues though were super hard to figure out

it's fun, i like it


please dont touch anything better title love this game


if you get the pacifist ending it bugs the game and you cant do anything else

like you cant touch or interact with anything anymore

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even the reset lever?

what do you do when you get all the endings




only got a few endings

only got a few endings

I need the 4th and 9th






YES. I finished everything. BTW guys, if you need help with the endings, just go to the Download Now button, click “No thanks, just take me to the downloads” and select a file called Solution.

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for the seventh ending get the screwdriver and in the color panel do read yellow blue gren red yellow blue thats how i got it :D


how do you get ending 4,6,7,9,10,11?

I'd like to report a glitch, (Maybe a glitch) When you put in the code for the roman numericals, if you click the lever before it opens completely, it will open both options at the same time.

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How do you get ending #10? I'm a bit stuck (browser version)

i got some endings but the otor ones I CAN'T GET

i got the ending with the color things by just guessing xd i was just pressing random thins and boom xd

It took me so long to unlock the tenth ending in the browser version. 

I got all endings (on free version cause im poor 😢) in 30 min!

Hey It's ok, becuase I bought the full game and it's the same!

Ending Unknown: Press the red button until you get the hammer, Smash the Display, And press the button [?]

/e epic


why did you change some stuff


like the red child ending

This is not the full game, you can buy it for the full version

oh ok

The roman numerals aren´t working!


half of second ending: press button until you get roman numerals, enter 213121. Flip switch to the left. enter on the keypad that popped up, 3748. On the clock thing press left or right arrow (doesn't matter) to get the full 2nd ending you have to restart and if you chose right arrow, do left now. same the other way around, if you chose left do right.


3rd ending: Don't touch anything just wait.


9th ending: press button until roman numerals pop up enter 213121, from there flip the switch to the left. On the bottom right corner there should be a number pad with the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. Enter 1,2,3,4 and you'll get the 9th ending.

6th ending: keep pressing the red button.

what in the hack is the 9th ending? im stuck in a blind (not anymore) speedrun at 2:01:541


gimme the REAL please don't touch anything


this is the og version lol

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