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They recently made an official developer PDF walkthrough in the downloads. It tells you the solution to each panel & ending with images. It would beat any comment made here.

  1. Be sure not to miss reading the word directly above "Comments" and beside "253 kB."
  2. Click Download Now. You can download it separately in Step 3. Choose to buy or go straight to the download page.
  3. Click Download next to the word you read in Step 1.

5th ending


If anyone can't get the 2nd ending, you just have to keep clicking the red button.


ending 4?

how do i do this


i somehow now have the holy mary as a sticker now. i have no idea what im doing.


how do you get the 4th ending?

whats dont do it pad

I love everything about this game. Well done.


Yo number 1 is just do nothing and you'll get the thing you just have to wait like 2mni

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how do you get 1

dont do anything


To get the 7th ending id don't know the exact combination for the color panel but just start from red, yellow, blue and green keep doing this over and over and you'll get it eventually

the correct combination is gryb gryb 
the way to know is 
GRYB your screwdriver
GRYB your hammer 


To get the 10th ending press the red button until the roman pop up, do 213121 then flip the lever on the left. enter on the panel that just popped: 1066. the on the thing that looks like a lot of buttons do 

at the last row you want to put the red on the 2nd square and the other at the 6th square.

at the first row you want to put one square on the very middle.

at the third row you want to put one red on the first square and another on the last square.


Credits: @tricky diamond and @dollarstoretankman


To get the 8th ending keep pressing the red button until a hammer pops up on the left. then get the hammer and drag it to the screen.

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To get the 1st ending first press the button until the roman numerals pop up, from there enter 213121. Then, flip the lever on the right and enter on the binary keypad :101101. btw thanks everyone in the comments I just took the information in the comments.

in the solution page it says 1101 1101is in 101101 so it works like the mechanichs is the same like doing 333213121 that works too

got all endings!!!

a code for number pad is 1066 idk why it just is

after scroll in though comments i found 4 and 9 omg so hard but fun


btw if anyone needs help the roman numeralls are 213121 

thank you

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still need 4 and 9 tho


nvm i did not wait long enough for ending one

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how do i get ending 9,4 or 1

It won't open what do I do

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So the mobile one is just a guide? oh edit: just found out that the download button is on top of what you want I'm dumb its the game


I got all the endings for the first time :D


If anyone has questions i finished it. im willing to help! and to anyone reading this have a amazing day :)


i got stuck on the switch (aka the thing that comes up when you press the button once) what do i do?

so if you pressed the switch just press the red button again and reset


anyone know the number?

nvm got it lol im dumb

howd you get there

its putting 3748 in the keypad (flip the switch to right)


im bad at directions


What's the code for the roman numerals? I can't find what it is



I dont get it

i can't get the 1st one, 4th one, and 9th one

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i finily did it


do get destroy all humanz ending you need to use the top two buttons on don't do it panel the code is as follows: left, right, left, right , right, left. 


umm its left right right left

the code for the binary panle is 101101

umm no its 1101

Both work

101 works



How did you solve the roman numerals puzzle?




Oh thanks, I figured it out, but thanks.

so if you click the lever as it is apearing you can get two at a time also they both work


i got em all, without watching a tutorial!

how do you  use the screwdrive


in the screw holes

i have all endings exapt the 8th one how do i get the the ending

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I speedrun:

404s 56mls

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